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CDML Advanced Calculator (ShareWare)  

CDML Advanced Calculator is a calculator on steroids and a personal productivity tool rolled into one. Math, science, money, measures, algebra, construction, formulas, calendar, alarms and a text editor are just some of the features you'll find useful.

CDML Personal Calculator (FreeWare)

CDML Personal Calculator is the "little brother" of the CDML Advanced Calculator. It has many of the features of the Advanced Calculator, but this one is FREE for personal use. Please read the License Agreement before using.

CDML Keyboard Lights Helper (FreeWare)

The CDML Keyboard Lights Helper is a desktop application that informs the user of the current Keyboard Lights status.  Useful for keyboards without indicator lights, notebook computers and remote control applications.

CDML Unicode File Renamer (FreeWare)

This program attempts to use a transliteration algorithm to rename files that use non-ASCII characters into files that use ONLY ASCII characters to represent similar sounds.

Other Free Third Party Utilities That We Highly Recommend


A free file archiver with a high compression ratio.


Sysinternals Suite

Great Windows troubleshooting utilities.


Cute PDF

Create professional quality PDF files from almost any printable document.



Utilities to clean malware from your PC.


VLC Media Player

A free multimedia player that plays most multimedia files, DVD, CD, VCD & streaming protocols.


Google Pack

Great free software with a Google updater to keep it current.